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Kia ora I'm Mary

I have a passion for working with new golfers

and extensive experience working with adults and
children to fulfill their health, recreational and 
well-being goals through sport and fitness. 


I'm enthusiastic and encouraging :) - camaraderie and
humor are hallmarks of my coaching style. 


After graduating from PE School in Otago I completed a
Post Graduate Diploma in Teaching and then took up the opportunity to dance in a professional contemporary Dance company in NZ and then studied and danced in the USA for a few years.

When I returned I became involved in teaching a Fitness Dance Programmme and directed that Programmme
and its many teachers for 9 years.


When my children got to school age I took up golf particularly to play with my Dad - which was always a wish of mine :)​

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"Thanks Mary..I'm just loving your teaching style and the lessons, you make it fun, relevant and meaningful! Looking forward to next week !
Jane Ball
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I trained coached and convened juniors at Paraparaumu Beach Golf Club for 8 years including the highly successful years in junior golf development in the mid 2000's.

I've since trained as an NZPGA Development Coach and Flightscope Professional (in 3D Dopler Radar Technology)

sounds sophisticated...I don't use that amount of technology in my coaching :) A small ES12 distance recorder is perfect for the sort of measuring I use in the new player programme - I have also trained in the Aim Point Green Reading system.

I've created a pathway for new adults wanting to take up the game by offering my programme, particularly during the daylight saving evenings and weekend afternoons in the Summer and Autumn.
From time to time our team offer Love Golf Taster afternoons.

My golf training and experience has allowed me to develop the New Player Programme - which yields outstanding numbers who are keen and committed to continuing with the game.

I have creative experience as a choreographer - linking that with knowledge of teaching, sport and the body the word is - "its a refreshing and infectious approach to golf coaching" :)


I am highly dedicated to growing the game at the Community level


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