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The Community Golf Coach of the Year was awarded to Mary at the  2019 National Golf Awards.

The independent judging panel included sport administrators,
media,professional golfers,golf administrators and sport governors
Her New Player Programme is
super popular with adults wanting
to get into the game and her results with club membership make the programme very appealing for Golf Cubs.

Her innovative refreshing approach
makes golf hard to resist.

She is very passionate about

growing the game through
offering a doable, loveable and
affordable programme to all
New Zealanders.
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What makes this programme different is that it is really affordable. The sessions are in groups and a wide range of new players can learn together in a positive, fun and non-threatening environment. The second phase of the programme is unique in that it integrates the players on to the course and into the golf club by also providing basic rules/etiquette/ scoring/ handicapping and interesting playing formats to get you started in the game. This is a truly unique feature of the programme :)
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M.G. NEW PLAYER PROGRAMMES are at Paraparaumu Beach Golf Club, Levin Golf Club and are -  COMING TO OTHER AREAS . Judgeford Golf Club and Shandon GC will also be hosting programmes in 2024

These courses are ideal for either new or recently new golfers. They offer a great grounding of the basics and are an excellent way to ease yourself into the game.


The programme has weekly coaching with modern, effective coaching techniques and strategies. this is followed with on course play which links similar players together. It brings in the handicap system and covers relevant rules and etiquette.

All players will have cards for handicapping by the end of the programme.


Challenge, humour & camaraderie are hallmarks of the programme.

  • 8 weeks of coaching 

  • Followed by 4 weeks of on-course group sessions
    - flexible times 

  • Total Cost is $257 /pp.

To register your interest, contact Mary Gardner on      either   or 021 129 7599 

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